Live a Healthy Life: Lower Your LDL Levels

Cholesterol has always been a topic when it comes to good health. It is always blamed for causing so many diseases that sometimes lead to death. However, are cholesterols really bad? Are we aware what cholesterols really are, or do we just believe those myths about cholesterol? Basically, one of those famous false things that we believe is that not having cholesterol in our body means that we are healthy and that we are far from acquiring diseases. The truth is, for us to be healthy we just need to have a normal cholesterol level. There are two types of cholesterol in our body, the bad cholesterol and the good cholesterol. The good cholesterol is also known as the high density cholesterol or the HDL and the bad cholesterol is also known as the low density cholesterol or the LDL. We need to maintain the HDL levels high and the low to have a normal cholesterol level. So how do we keep our bad cholesterol low?

First, know that the acceptable level of low density cholesterol is only below 100mg, anything above that may not be good to your body and the level of the high density cholesterol should be above 60mg. To achieve the normal cholesterol level, the sum of HDL and LDL should be equal to 200mg. have your blood tested and see if you have a normal cholesterol level, if you found out that you have LDL that is 100 mg or higher, better change your lifestyle into a healthier one and start increasing those HDL levels.